Westrock provides industry leading quality OEM high voltage resistors for all electric drive Off Highway Haul trucks. These resistors are designed to function in the most extreme conditions, dealing with humidity, dust, altitude, and extreme temperatures.

Our resistors are designed as exact replacements for most electric drive systems, incorporating the latest design technologies in insulating materials, heat transfer, and air flow. Completely asbestos free, these resistors compensate for poor air flow, have power levels to 200 kilowatts per unit, and help lower back pressures on fans to improve heat transfer. Most popular applications include:

  • Komatsu 730E
  • Komatsu 830E
  • Komatsu 930E
  • Cat (Unit Rig) MT4400D
  • Hitachi EH4000
  • Hitachi EH5000
  • Cat 797


Dynamic Brake Long Life Grid Resistor Westrock Company
Grid Resistor Westrock Company
Westrock Off Highway Braking Resistor Grids

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