As a leading supplier of advance pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical power transmission solutions, Westrock has the technology and engineering capability to provide state-of-the-art drive and braking solutions to the mining industry. Westrock's demonstrated expertise in the mining industry positions its multiple brands to meet the needs of this demanding marketplace.

Shovels & Draglines

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Crushers Westrock

Inclined & Overland Conveyors

Inclined and Overland Conveyors Westrock

Ball & SAG Mills

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Winders & Hoists

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Shovels and Draglines

Westrock's brakes have been designed under the rigorous specifications demanded by the OEM’s of P&H and Bucyrus shovels, for all applications of brakes used in HOIST, CROWD, SWING, and PROPEL. Our friction material provides the proper braking distance, time, and life specified by the OEM’s, that allow you to increase the productivity of your shovels and draglines as well as improve the protection of your machines and personnel. Westrock not only supplies brake discs and plates, but also total brake units for shovels and draglines.

Our availability of parts is unmatched in the industry. All of the production brakes of Westrock are of the highest quality and manufactured under strict quality control during the entire process. Further, the final product is then put under rigorous testing in our laboratories in order to guarantee the highest quality and confidence in this product. You remain dedicated to your business: leave it to Westrock to think about brakes.

ic lkb series brakes


Within the Mining industry, crushers are typical heavy-duty machinery whose drives are characterized by shock loads and dynamic displacement of large masses with big inertias. Westrock can provide the right brake you need to handle the weight and force created by these powerful machines.

wc air power take offs

Inclined and Overland Conveyors

Westrock has the industry-specific knowledge to supply the optimal braking system for your needs. Our heavy-duty caliper disc brakes are designed to overcome extremely high torque requirements in harsh environmental conditions.

sv bsfi 200 series collage 1
sv bsfb 600 series brake caliper collage
sv bsfh 500 series brake caliper collage

Ball and SAG Mills

Westrock specializes in the distribution of caliper brakes strong enough to withstand the heavy force created by these high-powered machines. Our VMS and VKSD disc brake calipers provide long lasting, reliable performance on mine ball and sag mills.

tf model vms dp caliper brake
tf vksd caliper brake
SB BSFA 1000

Winders and Hoists

When it comes to the advanced braking technologies for industrial applications such as mining hoists, Westrock offers the largest range of pneumatically-, hydraulically-, and mechanically-applied industrial disc brake calipers in the world. We have the knowledge to assist in supplying the right brake for the job.

mi 56P multi disc brake 1
sv bsfh 500 series brake caliper collage
sv bsfb 600 series brake caliper collage

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